Ecommerce SEO

What is it: actions aimed at increasing of your online store ranking in search engines results, attracting organic traffic and perspective customers

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Sales and income

SEO drives the target audience to your resourse. Optimization makes your site visible to users who perfome commercial searches.

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Positions and traffic growth

the result of optimization is a search engine and user friendly website. Such sites remain in the top positions for a very long time and recieve permanent traffic of target audience.

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Brand strengthening

optimization also contributes to brand awareness. After time, users will enter not "buy product online", but the name of your brand into a search engine in order to make a purchase.

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Long lasting result

thanks to the quality white hat optimization, you are safe from sudden problems, such as search engine penalties or ranking drop

Wnen do you need it: you`d like to maximize earnings from your online shop and grow your business.

Why us: a lot of ecommerce optimization cases have helped us form our own approach, which is always effective.

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It all starts with a website analysis. We pay attention to existing mistakes and optimization methods used before.

Competition analysis

Niche research is an important step. We look for unique features of your branch, determine what instuments your competitors use to gain advantage

Internal optimization

At this stage we collect key phrases, modify the structure, correct mistakes that block site growth, write titles, headings and descriptions for landing pages, interlink the pages etc.

Link building

External optimization is still an important ranking factor. It is vital to get quality links from the authority resourses. We select websites that can enhance the authority and reputation of your store.


After removing all the obstacles and thoroughly exploring the website, we develop a growth strategy to achieve high ranking.

Content marketing

Content management is a natural way to improve the quality and ranking of your resourse. Relevant problem-solving texts increase user loyalty and sales growth

Changes monitoring

From the beginning and till the end we carefully monitor the dynamics and follow the reaction of search engines to any changes on the website. It helps focus on efficient tactics

Our cases

Our work speaks for itself.

Case study: online store in Uzbekistan. +250% organic traffic



Case study: online catalog of saunas promotion. +835% organic traffic

Catalog of baths and saunas in Ukraine


Case study: e-commerce SEO in Israel. +60% organic traffic

Electronics, computer components

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Please submit an application and we will prepare an individual plan for your business promotion