• to improve ranking for specific requests in three languages (russian, english, hebrew)
  • to increase organic traffic

What was done

1. Niche and competition analysis

  • Competition analysis revealed that competitors bet on offline and don’t pay attention to SEO, but have a lot of backlinks from trusted websites. 

2. Expanded semantic core in three languages 

  • More key phrases in semantic core let us broaden keyword clusters
  • Updated semantic core also helped us predict the growth of the website

3. Structure expansion based on semantic core

  • We have created mind map that reflects all new categories and filters to attract users by maximum quality of search queries

4. Technical site audit

At the next stage, we provided SEO audit that revealed main technical problems that have a negative impact on site’s growth

5. Correction of technical errors

  • adjusted redirect
    • we used 301 redirects to “join” duplicating pages that have double slashes “//” in URLs
    • replaced 302 redirects (temporary) by 301 (permanent)
    • setting redirect from ip address to the main domain also allowed to “join” duplicating pages on SERP
  • adjusted user-friendly URLs for all language versions
  • optimized page “Brands”
  • optimized filtration 
  • specified rel=”canonical” and rel=”alternate” tags
  • optimized pagination
  • generated correct sitemap.xml
  • optimized breadcrumbs
  • closed pages with get-parameters from indexation
  • removed “broken” links
  • set up generation of meta tags and headings
  • marked up structured data to attain the display of rich snippets 

6. Content plan on writing writing texts for landing pages

  • after providing competitive analysis we have created content plan on writing texts for landing pages
  • this caused sufficient growth of keywords leading to the website

7. Backlink profile strengthening

  • sites competitors receive “dofollow” links mostly from official sites of the products that they retail
  • we developed a strategy based on this fact and succeed in receiving several high-quality backlinks to the site


We managed to increase organic traffic by 60%

Comparison of organic traffic indicators

Search Console diagram shows the growth of clicks and impressions

Site position statistics by keywords – russian version

Site position statistics by keywords – english version