What is .xml sitemap?

Sitemap.xml — is a structured .xml file that contains renewable information about website`s pages that need to be indexed by search engines. The file is placed in the root directory of resource. It can be formed manually or automatically by CMS scripts or modules.
In this article we are going to answer all frequently asked questions like: why is it necessary, how to create it, what should be included in it and what kinds of sitemap.xml exist.

Advantages of SEO site development

Nowadays every business owner has faced a challenge of site development at least once and some of them already have a huge experience in this area. SEO site development helps to save time, finances and steady nerves. In this article we talk about what is SEO optimization and why it should be taken into account when developing new website.

Importance of mobile optimization

Mobile optimization of the website is mobile oriented approach for such devices as smartphones and tablets. This is a series of actions that are intended to facilitate site navigation in mobile version, that includes optimization of design, structure, speed or content. If the website does not work correctly and is incompatible with mobile devices, user is going to leave it in a very short time. That’s why you have to create mobile-friendly website for users to convert into customers.

Search engine optimization of online stores. Why SEO is important for e-commerce?

Most people think of something mythical when they hear the word “seo”. As we all know, you cannot count on immediate results when you turn to search engine optimization, which only raises suspicions on its efficiency.

How to write a good article if you are not a copywriter. Step-by-step guide.

One of the main tools of digital marketer is content. This means, you really have to be able to create high-quality texts for blog posts, landing pages, videos, etc., if you want to do web promotion.

What is canonical and why you should use it

You can often come across a recommendation to use canonical for site pages with “duplicate” content, or even put a self-referential canonical tag. But the misleading fact is that this is not a requirement.

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