Advantages of SEO site development

Author: Андрей Мандриченко April 13, 2020

Advantages of SEO site development

Nowadays every business owner has faced a challenge of site development at least once and some of them already have a huge experience in this area. But only a small part of them know of the SEO development importance. This is fundamental to success of online project. SEO site development helps to save time, finances and steady nerves. In this article we talk about what is SEO optimization and why it should be taken into account when developing new website.

What is SEO optimization

Search engines optimization is a complex of actions of internal and external site optimization in order to increase website’s ranking in search engines results pages. There are some basic directions of optimization: internal factors, external factors and behavior factors. The complex of these methods is going to yield results.


Why SEO is important at the development stage

SEO is one of the most important instruments of internet marketing. According to this, its’ preparing and planning should be priority to website owner. Site development can be compared to building a house, where seo epitomizes good foundation for future growth of the project. Moreover, if you take into account all seo details during development stage, you won’t have to redo or correct your website in the future, which sufficiently helps to save time and finances.

Hundreds of projects experience shows that growth dynamics are better and faster if seo recommendations were taken into account during development. These projects get best ranking faster, receive first organic traffic customers sooner. 

SEO optimization aspects that are important during development

One of the most important optimization type is internal/technical site optimization. This includes:

  • Correct Robots.txt file should contain directions about crawling pages for search engines’ robots and also link to .xml sitemap.
  • Sitemap.xml has to be formed according to search engines requirements and include URLs of the pages that need to be indexed.
  • Html sitemap is a page of the website that was created to contain hierarchic list of all pages available for indexation.
  • Pages duplicates. There have to be no page duplicates on the website. It is recommended to remove such pages by using 301 redirects, canonicals or deleting them. For example: pages and contain the same info and we used 301 redirect to avoid duplication.
  • Quality meta tags are also important. Title, description, alt and title for images have to be quality and contain relevant keywords.
  • H1-H6 headings have to be optimized. Each page should contain only one unique H1 heading.
  • Unique quality content is very important. You can check the uniqueness using online services.
  • Proper site structure allows SE robots and users to find necessary information quickly 
  • Microformats are special tags placed in the code of a page. They are needed to define content types for search engines. 

Next step is external optimization.

External optimization is the process of growing link profile of the website. Quality and quantity of external links leading to your website show search engines that your project is in demand.

At the stage of development link building plan is usually drawn. This plan is based on competition analysis and contains terms and budget of link building.

If the domain already has external links, it’s also important to make an audit of existing link profile and to get rid of low quality links to improve domain rating.


To sum up, we’d like to draw attention to importance of SEO development of the website. It is the best way to spend less money, time and nerves and to get the first profit as fast as possible.


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