Search engine optimization of online stores. Why SEO is important for e-commerce?

Author: admin December 26, 2019

Search engine optimization of online stores. Why SEO is important for e-commerce?

Most people think of something mythical when they hear the word “seo”. As we all know, you cannot count on immediate results when you turn to search engine optimization, which only raises suspicions on its efficiency.

“Do I need SEO?” Every business owner asks himself this question sooner or later. 

In this article we will find out, what search engine optimization is and why is it the best investment in your business.

How does SEO work?

Most articles describing the principles of SEO lose the main thing that interests entrepreneurs: how does website optimization affect sales growth? 

It’s great that the structure is optimized and the seo texts are written. But how does this affect the user’s desire to make a purchase?

Let’s look at the process from the outside. Your potential client wants to buy product or service online and googles, say, “buy sofa online”. And this is the moment when you need seo, since the user makes a purchase only if he / she sees your website on the first pages of search results, the higher the better. 

Unfortunately, it is not enough to have the best product and service to attract clientele and receive a steady income in the online world. Research shows that users barely reach the third page of search results. This means the user is tend to make a purchase on the website, which is higher in the SERP (search engine results page) even though the quality of product there may not be the best. 

Your site receives high ranking only if it meets all search engines’ requirements. The quality of your product or website design does not affect ranking. SEO drives your resource to the top and provides high traffic.

Another thing that can happen if you don’t use SEO – search engines may rank your website for the wrong keywords that don’t make you money.

Semantics, collected at the first stages of optimization, is necessary to attract the target audience, users who want to make a purchase.

So, the second reason for turning to site optimization is the fact that SEO helps you attract target audience, that will be converted to your clientele.

The third reason – SEO is a long-term investment. PPC, email marketing or social media advertising brings you traffic as long as you pay. If you stop these campaigns, you will lose the results immediately. But this is not the same with SEO. Once you get to the top of the ranking, you stay there for a very long time. All you have to do is control your competitors.

Why results are not instant?

You may say “yeah, great. I have been doing SEO for some time. I spent the money and made corrections on the site. But it’s still not the first one at SERP”. 

Quite commonly client is disappointed before he sees any results.

And this is the main stumbling block in the SEO process. But you need to know two main things before starting optimization process:

  1. Optimization cannot show immediate results. This is a long thorough process. It takes at least one month, after all necessary corrections are made, to see some changes in ranking and traffic. But this is a result worth waiting for. All investments will pay off in a very short time, and the effect is going to stun you.
  2. One more thing is your competitors. If the competition is rough, you should be prepared to bring your website to the top at any cost.

Main benefits

What can you expect from SEO:

  • Positions – Targeted traffic – Conversions – Income

The main advantage of SEO optimization is driving a lot of target audience to your website for the long term. 

  • Quality content

Another bonus – filling the website with content in order to expand the semantic core, specialists create quality materials not only for search engines, but also for users. Audience always prefers resources with interesting useful texts and quality descriptions.

  • Advantage over competitors

SEO optimization is based on a constant analysis of competitors. This makes it possible to take the best from them, but not to make their mistakes. If done right, promotion strategy gives a huge advantage.

  • Usability

In the process of optimization specialists correct errors that block not only site growth, but also conversions. Usability can significantly affect sales.

  • Niche analysis

The results of regular monitoring of your niche can be used not only for promotion, but also for business purposes.

SEO for nonprofits

Not all resources in the online space are created for e-commerce purposes. There are many other areas. But no matter what the goal is, if users cannot find your website on the net, it is useless. 

Seo can especially help those who would like to earn money on advertising.


The choice of marketing tools is the individual thing. The approach strongly depends on the goals set and the expected result. But remember the main thing – do not be afraid to invest in something that cannot be perceived in the era of information technology. After a while, the result will far exceed the investment.

Do not be alarmed by changes and bring your site to perfection. After all, it is better to make a major repair once than to seal the cracks until the entire construction collapses.

*Ranking is a website’s position in the SERP (search engine results page)

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