How to write a good article if you are not a copywriter. Step-by-step guide.

Author: admin November 26, 2019

How to write a good article if you are not a copywriter. Step-by-step guide.

One of the main tools of digital marketer is content. This means, you really have to be able to create high-quality texts for blog posts, landing pages, videos, etc., if you want to do web promotion.

Often, the need of writing text for publication confuses marketers. Most of them believe that they do not know how to write interesting, high-quality texts.

In this article, we will split the process of working on the article into eight simple stages and prove that everyone can write a great text.

Step 1. Setting the goal

An article written simply because you have “two publications per week in plan” is not going to bring any results. To create content, you always need a goal. For example: to attract users, sell a product, get customers, etc. This is important because when you understand the purpose of your article, you subconsciously make it more interesting for the target audience.

In the process of writing, you will make decisions about the style, emphasis in the text and so on. This is easier to do when you imagine who you want to read your article.

So, at the first stage, it is necessary to determine to whom and why you are writing.

Step 2. Choice of the topic

Correctly selected topic of the article will help you achieve maximum results. Our advice: look for what is already interesting to your target audience.

There are three main sources of ideas for publications:

  • user questions
  • popular topics
  • key phrases

Questions. What could be simpler and more appropriate than writing an answer to a user’s question. You can be sure that your article is interesting and useful, which means it will bring more users to the resource.

The easiest option is to use Google suggestions. Just start typing in the phrase and see the most frequent google queries.

Popular. It happens that a lot of resources are talking about one idea, which is very popular among users. In this case, it would be appropriate to write an article on this topic, but to create more informative and high-quality material than your competitors did. You may interest the audience with a unique point or deeper research.

But remember that publications on hot topics are more focused on short-term results. They are good if you need feedback here and now.

Keys. Keyword research may lead to the idea of ​​the topic, and also help naturally create content that will attract maximum users.

Step 3. Research

Now, when you know the answers to the basic questions: ”To whom? What for? What about will you write?”, it is necessary to do the research that will help you formulate your point, pick up arguments and examples.

An interesting article must describe a specific problem and your position, the way to solve it. 

In order to create unique content and understand what other sources say on the topic, you need to read several publications on a selected subject.

You can use the Google search, select 5-7 articles related to your topic, read them, select arguments that you agree or disagree with.

We recommend taking notes while studying materials. Brief notes with ideas will help a lot when you start writing.

Step 4. Defining structure

Creating a “frame” of the article will not let you get into a situation when you are sitting in front of a blank sheet and do not know where to start. 

At this stage, you already have a goal, a topic and your notes. In the process of a deeper research of the issue, you have probably already imagined what your article will look like. All you have to do is define the main ideas that you would like to talk about. In essence, this is the “table of contents” of your publication. The structure of this article looks like this:

  • Introduction
  • Define a goal
  • Choose topic 
  • Study materials
  • Structure
  • Write a draft
  • Edit
  • Add illustrations
  • Final corrections
  • Conclusion

These are just your notes, so do not take it too seriously.

Step 5. Writing

The hardest part is over. 

You have already sketched the structure of the material and the pros is that you do not have to write the paragraphs in the order they are in the article. You can start by concluding or stating the main arguments and then it will be easier for you.

Always remember that this is only a draft. Do not strive to create the perfect text on the first try. To write text easily, it is better to go in small steps, knowing that you can always adjust.

Step 6. Editing

The sixth step is editing the written. Re-read the text as if you were reading someone else’s article. What is missing? What would you change?

Also, in the process of writing it is very important to keep the line of your message. Check if you said exactly what you wanted in the article.

You may want to completely rewrite some parts of the text or exclude unconvincing fragments.

Improve the text until you like it, but do not try to attain the ideal. The main thing is that the article should be interesting and useful for the reader.

Step 7. Multimedia

Illustrative material makes the text easier to follow. Think of pictures, gifs, graphics, or videos that you can add to the article. Pay attention to difficult part that would be hard to understand without illustration.

Step 8. Final corrections

Everything is almost ready for publication. At the last stage, you need to make the last edits. Make sure that the text is easy to read, add a couple of links if you want to.

Congratulations! Your article is now ready for publication.

Remember, the more articles you write, the easier it would be for you. Perhaps, over time, you will modify this system or completely stop noticing these stages. The main purpose of this article is to help you start trying.

Good luck with your writing!

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