Household appliances, electronics, home goods online store with the possibility to purchase by installments.

There were three different companies that united into one. The main task was to unite these three categories into online store, to create optimized structure and to get top ranking for high-frequency requests.


  • Top positions for high-frequency requests
  • Increase in organic traffic

What was done

1. Niche and competition analysis which includes backlink profile, structure and interesting promotion strategies of sites-competitors

2. We’ve created the full structure of catalog, including each filter in each category based on the semantic core


3. Provided full technical audit and made some recommendations:

  • to select one site version (www, https)
  • to get rid of unnecessary subdomains 
  • set user-friendly URLs
  • breadcrumbs optimization
  • to increase website loading speed
  • to set canonicals

4. Optimized meta-tags for filtration and landing pages

5. Optimized filtration to attract traffic for average and low frequency key phrases

6. Created recommendations on technical errors correction (mistakes in code, server response, etc.) 

7. Provided recommendations on usability based on competitive analysis 

8. Get rid of low quality backlinks

Website is developed on Bitrix CMS that had vulnerability in rk.php file that was used for the phishing attacks

9. Backlink profile strengthening

We have selected quality regional resources for link placement.



+249% organic traffic increase


Organic traffic at the beginning and at the end of the promotion:


Google Analytics:

Search Console: