SEO development

What is it: actions taken to prepare your website to launch.

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Meeting SE requirements

website has to be visible in search engines in order to make a profit. This makes it necessary to meet all SE requirements

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No additional corrections

unfortunately, not everyone makes seo part of the development lifecycle. But it`s much harder to optimize an existing site than to do it during the creation process.

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saying 'no' to SEO during developing also leads to time loss. The website starts functioning, but ranking and traffic are not so high and the number of orders is smaller than you expected. It can take months to decide on site optimization. This causes time and financial losses.

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launching a search engine optimized website you will get your first visitors and customers in the quickest way.

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Longlasting result

we are proud of our results and always do our best to keep your resourse on top.

Wnen do you need it: you are in the process of designing or developing the site and would like to avoid further financial or time losses.

Why us: accurate, time-tested approach saves your resourses and helps to get high results right after launching the website.

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Niche and competitor analysis

Before starting, we research a niche, define its specifics. This gives an opportunity to highlight the strengths and hide the weaknesses of your project.

Internal optimization

As we are beginning from the start, we compile complete recommendations on site development that meet all search engines requirements.

Semantic core and structure

This step is worth mentioning apart from others. The correct selection of key phrases and site structure gives you a huge advantage at the start.

External optimization

External optimization is aimed at improving the backlink profile of your website. This is one of the most important aspects of site promotion. We look for authority resourses and place relevant links there to strengthen positions.

Content management

Unique useful content is important. It performs informational function, attracting users to your website and also promotes better ranking.

Our cases

Our work speaks for itself.

Case study: online store in Uzbekistan. +250% organic traffic



Case study: online catalog of saunas promotion. +835% organic traffic

Catalog of baths and saunas in Ukraine


Case study: e-commerce SEO in Israel. +60% organic traffic

Electronics, computer components

Customers who trust us

We work with the best e-commerce customers.

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Please submit an application and we will prepare an individual plan for your business promotion